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Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.

~~Proverbs 10:4~~

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Introducing...Mary Jane Keathley

Mary Jane Keathley
Director of Music

Mary Jane grew up in Ft. Lauderdale and Highlands, North Carolina. She attended high school in Asheville and went to USC when she obtained a degree in journalism. She worked for many years as a journalist in the states of South and North Carolina, New York, and Virginia. She even covered the events of 9/11 as a journalist in New York City. Music has always been her life. Mary Jane studied music from early childhood. When her children Mandy and Kenny were very young, she began a piano studio which ultimately led to her life in church music. Prior to joining St. Andrew's, she was instrumental in beginning and directing the choirs and hand bell choirs at several other churches she was affiliated with. St. Andrew's became her church home when her youngest daughter, Mandy, became the Director of Music for St. Andrew's in 2002. Her entire family was pulled into the warmth of St. Andrew's immediately. How? Nick Gainey. He followed her family out to the car to find out who they were when they first attended and they were overwhelmed with the hospitality at St. Andrew's.

When her husband David became ill and later, was called home, the entire church wrapped its arms around her family and held on until they could once again stand on their own. When Mandy accepted another calling, Mary Jane felt God nudge her back into a ministry of music. She uses that music to tell the story of Faith. Her goal is for music to fill St. Andrew's, members and guests with inspiration and wonder at the miracles given to us. Mary Jane loves the people at St. Andrew's as they are committed, sincere and believe in what they are doing. Again, music has been her life and almost everything she has learned about Jesus, God and Faith, has come through music!

Interesting Fact: Mary Jane has skied the Matterhorn!

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Introducing...Onalee Avinger

Onalee Avinger
Kid's Club Director

Onalee has an education in early childhood development which makes her the perfect Kid's Club Director! She also takes care of children during the day time. She truly has a love for children. Family is very important to Onalee. Onalee is married to her wonderful husband, Randy. She has a daughter named Crystal who is married to Jeff. Crystal and Jeff have just blessed Onalee with a beautiful granddaughter, named Madison Rose! That means her mother, Jean, has a great grandchild now.

Onalee has been a member of St. Andrew's for the past 30 years. She has taught Sunday School off and on for the past 20 years. She has been Kid's Club Director for such a long time that she cannot recall the date she began! The Kid's Club is always doing a project of some sort and she loves the way the congregation is always willing to help with them. She also loves the "family feel" of the church.

Interesting Fact: Onalee loves to fish and scuba dive!

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Introducing...Leah McPherson

Leah McPherson
Wednesday Night Chef

If you have ever been to a Wednesday night supper at the church, you know what a great cook Leah is. She prepares healthy, tasty meals every week that even Emeril would have to admire! She is a graduate of culinary school and has been in the restaurant business for 25 years. She is the owner of Bubba Slyes Deli, located in downtown Charleston, where she is the "chief cook and bottle washer." Leah is married to Norm who is employed at Kia and is mother to Damien who works with her at the deli. Leah is sister to four sisters who all live in Albany, New York. She has one brother who lives in the Outerbanks. Leah's grandmother who is 93 is the single person who instilled the love of cooking in her. Her grandmother still cooks today!

Three years ago, Leah was approached by Kerri Taylor (friend and a member of St. Andrew's) to cook for the church and now knows her fate will be like that of Onalee's. She will be a part of St. Andrew's forever! When asked what she liked best about St. Andrew's, Leah responded that the people of the church were all very friendly and she was impressed with the involvement in community service.

Interesting Fact: Leah is extremely humble!

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